Intuitive Training

SELF EMPOWERMENT with Intuitive Development :

Libbee’s In-person classes offer healings with practical how-to methods and guidance on accelerating and harnessing your own extrasensory abilities.

We ALL have Psychic abilities, they’re a lot like exercising muscles- the more you practice, the stronger you get. These intuitive teachings offer tools that are life-changing and ultimately affect everyone in your life as you begin to consciously direct positive energy into your body.

This change causes a heart-centered shift in the vibration of your Aura into an expanded reflection of who you REALLY are instead of operating from an Aura that’s been clogged and absorbing outdated beliefs, pain, trauma, fear and everyone else’s energy.

Empowerment comes from freeing ourselves from limitation, why continue to suppress our own natural healing abilities when they are available to us in each and every moment?

It’s never too late to start and there’s never anyone that CAN’T. If the idea sounds intriguing, it’s a calling from your higher self, encouraging you to play and explore more of who you are.

Upcoming IN PERSON Classes:

If you are local to PLEASANTON, CA Libbee is currently offering Psychic Development (Intuitive Training) for beginners and intermediate students. Anyone can join, there is no prior requirements.

For more information or to schedule one-on-one teaching or coaching sessions, contact Libbee:

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