Energy Healing & Aura Reading Session

How does it work?

In a private session, transformational healing is the foundation

A psychic reading is simultaneously a healing session.

As Libbee ‘reads’ your energy field & body, she is also healing these pieces of you that need some adjustments.

Since Libbee is a sensitive psychic medium, she can connect with your spirit guides,
crossed over loved ones and share their messages. 

Together, we’ll discover what information or data your body is needing to heal
as each chakra and layer of the aura is examined from a psychic perspective. 

Often, our bodies are holding onto energy that doesn’t belong to us, is outdated or
is stuck from an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual trauma.

It’s AMAZING how much our body holds on to:

Past Life information, Childhood experiences and truly

– any experience where you felt invalidated, unimportant,
undervalued, disrespected or triggered emotionally

can translate into the body’s energy system as a form of trauma.

The body then does it’s best to work AROUND the trauma so we carry this with us
like a weighted shackle that limits the heck out of our potential. 

This energetic trauma builds upon itself in our energy field and then our whole body is no longer functioning properly.

Intuitively, the body shows us & communicates the Root Cause that created this dischord in the entire energy field.
It’s important to find that- this is how we heal ourselves, releasing and resetting.

We experience the effects of our traumas as they energetically manifest & ripple out into every layer within & around us (the aura);
which ultimately limits our ability to disconnect from old/inherent patterns. It also inhibits our true capabilities and
deeply effects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually because the body is not functioning in it’s prime state.

In our session together,

we’ll reveal each place the body & energy centers need an adjustment
to release those traumas & blocked energy
so your chakra system can re-establish balance and wellness and thus,

Ultimately, Healing Transformation occurs first from adjustments in the spiritual realm,
which creates a ripple effect into the physical, emotional, mental layers and heals your entire Being.

My mission as a healer is to expand your quality of life with a greater, deeper awareness and
connection with the innate wisdom of your higher self.

May you remember your power as a soul, creating this beautiful & unique journey of Beeing You.  

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