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For the ones who don’t give up and are always diving deeper within. You are not alone.
Whatever you do, don’t hide. Show your face. Show your story. Show your progress. Show your vulnerability. You don’t have to have it all figured out.

SOUL TRIBE is chosen family. We are the ones who will hold you while you’re hurting. We'll nourish you with loving truth while you’re processing. We hold space for you to exist just as you are. We know in the depth of our hearts that our differences don't divide us, they enrich us.

SOUL TRIBE won't let you forget who you really are and all that you came here to bee.
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Challenge your fears, Create your dreams, Dive deeper into knowing  
[psychic medium] - Intuitive Readings
Readings provide natural healing as we take a look at specific energies in all the layers within and around you.
The insight and clarity that comes from each reading satiates the mind while the body heals & releases blockages/ energies that aren't yours. It's truly a multi-dimensional experience.
You can expect soul nourishment in communication with your higher self, passed loved ones and your unique spirit guides.
Learn about your past lives, the layers of your aura and gain practical tools to take with you.
From this space, we remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
[space healing] - House Healing
Each space holds energy impressions from those who have been there before, or incidents that have occurred. These energies can affect us and our ability to heal ourselves.
Maybe you're uncertain what is causing discomfort in a space, but have a gut feeling that it's a ghost or something that took place there before. Maybe you just know that when you walk into a certain area you get goosebumps, feel a presence or notice strange sounds, colors or smells.
Paranormal activity isn't just happening in the movies: it's real life!
In these sessions, we come equipped with tools to clear anything and everything that isn't serving you.
[life coach] - Spiritual Guidance
A good friend listens and provides feedback from a heart-centered space. A good therapist allows you to be seen, felt and heard from a place of non-judgement. A good coach listens to your needs and provides a fresh perspective so you can gain momentum and re-direct your flow of energy. In our case, we are all three: a friend, therapist and coach. Sometimes we just need assistance launching from the places where we've been stuck.Our intuitive life coach sessions keep you right on track to create who,what and where you've dreamed of being.
Available Worldwide Based out of : San Francisco, (Bay Area), California
E-mail: BeeingYouTribe@gmail.com Phone: (925)628-8405