It’s helpful to have tools to express the energy we sense and it can be exciting to work with TAROT or ORACLE cards in translating spiritual guidance.

As intuitive readers, we naturally combine our abilities when offering services, so you can expect to receive an energy healing along with any TAROT/ORACLE session as a bonus.

  • Maybe you have some pressing questions you’d love to ask spirit
  • Maybe you’re at a crossroads and want to tune into your guide’s suggestions
  • Maybe your life feels so chaotic it’s hard to know up from down and you’re feeling lost
  • Maybe you’re curious about where you’re headed or need clarity about your past
  • Maybe you’re interested in reading the cards yourself but want some guidance on how to do it
  • Maybe you’ve never worked with the cards before but you’re interested in checking them out

The cards are a wonderful way to check-in with your spirit on a SOUL level and in our professional experience, it seems that profound guidance comes through in the right timing.

[standout fx=”highlighter”]If you’re feeling the call- it’s probably time to check in.[/standout]

We have SO MANY card decks to choose from and we’ll share those with you when you contact us for a session.

We feel it’s important for you to be apart of the deck choosing; Trusting yourself that whichever one you are feeling peaked interest in – is the one that wants to communicate with you.

PRICING: Sessions start at $25. We charge more for our time rather than how many cards. We will keep pulling cards-as needed- until it feels complete.

We can meet IN-PERSON anywhere near the SF Bay Area, CA otherwise, we always include photographs of the cards plus verbal recordings or written communication when doing a DISTANT session.

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Book your session: BeeingyouTribe@gmail.com