Reiki 1+2 March 26th 2022

Hi! I'm Libbee, a Reiki Master, Teacher, Energy Healer and Sound Healing Practitioner.

I’ve been using Reiki since my initiation in 2015 in combination with other healing modalities.

My one-on-one energy healing sessions have given me the opportunity to connect with thousands of people over the last 6 years.

Over time, my offerings have evolved into a unique blend of modalities (mediumship, hypnosis, sound therapy, neurolinguistic programming), and I fluidly shift and cherry-pick based on the person in front of me and what intuitively feels important. Reiki has provided a baseline for my healing work on myself and others as it’s the most effective and non-invasive form of energy healing I’ve experienced.

What I’ve discovered about Reiki is that the more you use it- the more it moves through you and often without any mental thought needed. Reiki naturally empowers your own energy and flows within and around you, which begins affecting everyone you know and cross paths with in a very positive way. Reiki has a very high vibrational current that it runs on and many of the symbols we use are found in ancient artifacts. It’s quite possible that Reiki is an adaptation of ancient healing modalities.
My Reiki teacher was a lovely woman who had practiced for over 30 years and was only 5 people away from the original master Reiki teacher, Dr. Mikao Usui. That means I’m 6th in the lineage and anyone who receives initiation from me, is 7th. From what I’ve learned, this is a rare occurrence as most people are initiated from masters who are at least 20+ people down the lineage. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with my teacher when I did.
My belief is that the power of initiation is a lot like the game telephone: the further you get from the original source, the more distorted and diluted the clarity seems to be. There are of course exceptions, but no doubt in my being that the quality of receptivity and vibrational attunement requires a true sense of purity, intention and unconditional love to transfer Reiki in it’s greatest form. 

This workshop covers Reiki initiation for 1 +2 which gives you the tools to heal yourself and others, offer distant healings or work with people/pets/places/objects in person. It does not override any other spiritual or religious beliefs, it simply works alongside your current belief system in respect and love. 

I’ll be offering you teachings of a few other energy healing modalities that I’ve trained in and incorporated along with the Reiki, with hope that it inspires you to begin your journey of  healing with an expanded awareness and creativity. As always, take what you need and leave the rest.

This is a great class for beginners, or people who are seeking healing for themselves or to help others. There will be follow up workshops for Reiki 3 and Advanced Reiki so you can continue on if you wish. 


Limited availability for attendees to keep the group small + intimate.
This is an in-person class that will take place in Concord, California
You'll receive a Certificate upon completion of the Workshop.

There will be additional Reiki Advancement Trainings available for you to continue expanding your skills.
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