Life Coaching

A good friend listens and provides feedback from a heart-centered space.

A good therapist allows you to be seen, felt and heard from a place of non-judgement.

A good coach listens to your needs and provides a fresh perspective so you can gain momentum and re-direct your flow of energy.

In our case, we are all three: a friend, therapist and coach.

Sometimes we just need assistance launching from the places where we’ve been stuck.

Our intuitive life coach sessions keep you right on track to create who,what and where you’ve dreamed of being.

[standout fx=”highlighter”]We offer continued SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING that is designed uniquely for each client.[/standout]

You can go at your own pace. We recommend a once a week or once every other week for intuitive check-ins to help support the integration of changes and conscious focus on what you want to create and manifest in your life.

Maybe you’re looking to create your own business and noticed that you have all this fear, doubt and worry that stops you from taking the steps.

Maybe you need support because you’re at a place in your life where you’re the person everyone around you turns to for help and you’re left without any real equal exchange.

Maybe you’re feeling called to work on yourself in a deeper, more authentic way that incorporates your WHOLE being.

Maybe you have desire to build friendships but you’ve been feeling anti-social and having a difficult time connecting with others.

Maybe you’re exhausted and know that you need some real change in your life and you’re overwhelmed not knowing where to start.

Maybe you’re curious about spirituality and want to explore and develop your natural gifts.

[standout fx=”highlighter”]YOU ARE SO CAPABLE OF HAVING EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE![/standout]
Let us help you manifest your dreams~

LIFE COACH SESSIONS …………………………………………………………..

Each session is geared towards your end goal and also what suites you that moment/week. We provide guidance from spirit and assist you on working through all the layers of blockages in your energy field. Together, we transform your energy centers in and around the body so you can really let go of all that is no longer serving you and create space for more of your life force energy to return to you.

In addition to communication, [standout fx=”highlighter”]in each session you will receive a Reiki Healing[/standout] which is a gentle and powerful universal healing energy that helps support your growth and any suffering you may be experiencing.

Humans manifest the creations we want in our lives with our own energy and if we simply don’t have much energy or access to it, then we are limited by what little energy we have left.
Your energy belongs to YOU, let’s return it home so you can BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOU.

PRICING: based on how many times a month you’re interested in a session.


  • 1 session per month ( 30 minute session =$50 or 1 hour session =$75)
  • 2 sessions per month (30 minute sessions =$100/month or 1 hour sessions =$150)
  • 4 sessions per month (30 minute sessions=$150/month or 1 hour sessions=$225)
    • **NOTICE: If you choose the 4 sessions/ month option, you receive one healing session for free.
*Note: This pricing is for verbal communication/week. If you’d like to increase your time please just ask and we can let you know pricing. If you choose the 4x a month option, regardless if you choose the 30 minutes or full hour,  you still receive a free session.
It is up to the client to schedule & maintain their appointments. 24 hours notice needs to be given on all cancellations, otherwise the client forfeits their appointment and will not be refunded. 
These sessions typically occur over the phone, Facetime or through Skype, etc. We request a voicemail, email or text before the session that briefly outlines what you want to work on in our session together. This helps on 2 fronts
  1. It gives you the opportunity to think about your experiences during the month/week and where you’d like to focus your energy.
  2. It helps to keep the verbal communication in your session geared towards healing & reading instead of using the time in recapping the experiences.
We’re happy to record your sessions so you can go back and listen to them again if you’d prefer.

Remember that we’re here for you, it’s our honor to

[standout fx=”3dtext” style=”elegant”]SUPPORT YOUR GROWTH[/standout][standout fx=”3dtext”][/standout]

 Contact us to get started!