Energy Healing


You get to show up and relax! In fact, the more relaxed you are, the deeper the healing affect. Throughout the session, it’s common for people to sense the energy moving in some form whether it be physical feelings, emotional feelings, seeing colors or just knowing, it’s truly an interactive experience that requires zero effort from you.

The effort was required in GETTING to the session, but when you’re finally there, it’s the perfect time to let go of the need to DO and instead, just BE.

In these sessions, Libbee will intuitively read your energy field – also known as PSYCHIC mediumship and you’ll receive healing all at the same time.

Often, information about past lives, current life priorities, physical health, spirit communication from loved ones, and insight to where you are headed all comes forward.

It’s an honor to become the healer/interpreter/guide for your session. Every session includes your personal spirit guide team as well as my own. Being present with them can induce goose bumps, heart-felt peace, closure and feelings of love & excitement as they transfer healing energies into your aura.

Libbee will also provide a SOUND BATH at the beginning of your session that will effortlessly release your energy field and replenish your body and spirit.

The Sound Bath is created with Crystal Singing Bowls that align with the healing centers in your body. For more info on that, click here.


We have an energy field within our body that affects us on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. These energy centers within our body allow us to open and release energy as well as take in new energy and renew ourselves. Humans are naturally like sponges subconsciously absorbing the energy around us all the time. Holding onto energy that doesn’t belong to us will create blockages and stuck energy as it obstructs the natural flow of our energy centers and field around us.

We start to feel heavy, burdened, anxious, sad, fearful and unsure when our energy is out of balance. This can distort our perception, induce fatigue and dampen our feelings and thus, interferes with a smooth experience of a full life.  Other people’s energy will start to manifest as illness in your body: disfunction/discomfort and eventually disease (dis-ease) if the energy is not released.  It is important to open these energy centers (called chakras) and release all that is no longer serving us. This process increases our energy flow and the body begins to heal itself.

The goal in these sessions is to heal blockages and illuminate your path with guidance from your higher self so you can become the healthiest version of yourself.

During these sessions, we work with the aura.


An aura is the electro-magnetic field that incorporates the entirety of your energy layers and essentially makes up the space around your physical body. In sessions, we direct the flow of life force energy through the main vertical power current that runs up and down the spine. The 7 major chakras (and the 21 minor chakras) are energy centers in the body that work like swirling vortexes that connect into the flow of energy along the spine.  Each chakra also corresponds with a layer in the auric field and the major nerve plexuses in the body.

When we clear and find data in the aura, it heal you on a physical, emotional, mental and astral level and allows you to feel relief in your body (kind of like releasing a weight you didn’t know you were carrying around).

Often when people feel pain in a certain area, or keep experiencing an emotional trigger, there is an energetic reason that compiles like layers so as we peel back the energetic layers, healing happens and symptoms subside. 

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