Crystal Workshop

Create your own StarWheel, a kind of “cosmic” medicine wheel, to activate yourself to your highest potential and return to your Original Divine Blueprint. This StarWheel will become your master life grid, and all other grids will align to support it. Your $95 workshop fee covers the cost of everything you need to build the StarWheel, which includes a powerful Master Crystal, 12 wheel crystals, 12 star crystals, the StarWheel base, mounting putty and an activation wand.


About the StarWheel

  • Returns you to your Original Divine Blueprint, activating all 12 DNA strands and chakras
  • Recovers aspects of yourself you have lost throughout past lifetimes due to traumatic events and/or power we have given away to others.
  • Heals you, the planet and the Universe: As you heal issues at a personal level, those same issues are healed at global and universal levels.
  • Delivers your intentions to the universe to be manifested to your Highest Good
  • When activated, the energy of the StarWheel creates a “living wheel” connected to All That Is.
SIGN UP FOR CLASS HERE: (If you'd like to pay in person, please email and let us know you are coming!)