Sound Bath Healing


A form of Holistic Healing & WHOLE BODY Therapy

The Singing bowls are actually an ancient practice found in history across the globe. From Egyptian timelines to Chinese, the acknowledgment of healing with sound is not a new science. At the Egyptian museum, I found artifacts and documents explaining that back in ancient times, entire cities would gather in a type of arena and the group would ‘tone’ with harmonics of everyone’s voice ” OMMMMM”. On the stage, some would play unique instruments like singing bowls, tuning forks, harps and a few others were in the history data. They clearly understood the importance of clearing energy and how our body is a lot like an antenna. Music is healing- everything in nature emits a unique frequency and a sound signature.

The beautiful singing bowls I like to play are made out of quartz crystal. They’re hand-made from the earth’s mineral kingdom and each one is tuned to corresponding frequencies that align with the energy centers (chakras) in our body. Each bowl has it’s own pitch, frequency and tone so the harmonics vary and no bowl is quite like another—> Just like humans (I love that about them).

Sometimes when I play the bowls, I notice the sound is slightly changed… I have recordings to prove it. So now I think they have some personality traits and depending on who I’m playing for, they shift to whatever that group or person needs. This is similar to working with crystals and plants in general -or anything found in nature- it tends to adapt and shift with environmental need. This is another layer to their spiritual alignment and how not everything that meets the eye is so… solid. 

Have you ever played with the rim of a glass before? Sometimes you can make a humming sound when you follow the rim with a bit of pressure and faster pace. It’s similar to how you play the crystal bowls except I hold a wand in each hand that’s made out of glass & acrylic.

The crystal singing bowls effortlessly bring balance and harmony to our mental, emotional physical well being. The tones naturally shift our energy field as they enrich us with positive vibrations and a powerful sense of wholeness and rejuvenation. The harmonic resonance and range of sound vibrations transform the body with a variety of healing brainwave states inducing calmness and deep relaxation. So, yes- the brain gets a healing! Ultimately, this type of brainwave healing resets the nervous system, hormones, glands, organs, and meridians in our body as well. 

The science behind this acknowledges the body as an electrical force (an antenna) that naturally aligns with each frequency in the crystal singing bowls since they’re created from natural elements that are attuned to the energy centers in our body. Whatever is resonating in your energy field will get stimulated by the frequencies so you’ll experience enhanced higher vibrations and a deep release of the lower ones. 

Even though each one of us is unique in our needs, the bowls work for people of all ages and all ailments as they’re simply a catalyst for healing and release.

Some of the benefits:
Emotional Balance
A Clear Mind with Increased Focus
Feeling Lighter in Your Body
Deeper and Restful Sleep
Stress Relief
Harmony and Flow
Deep Relaxation


We go about our life with the human body acting like a little sponge collecting energy (data).
Then we have our own energetic chaos, depression, anger, frustration, fear, trauma &
all of those energies
mix with the data we’ve collected from others and the environment…
and that results in an OVERLOAD.
The body’s energy filters get clogged up & stop functioning properly and we develop illness, fatigue, pain, irritability.
The body simply doesn’t know how to integrate energy that doesn’t belong to you.
It’s almost like the body trying to digest plastic.
And you start to look like this:

But seriously, over time these energies compile and restrict our body’s natural energy field from flowing properly, eventually manifesting into ailments or dis-ease (aka disease) if we don’t release it.

Through sound bath energy healing, we allow the vibrational harmonic tones of the crystal singing bowls to release all that is no longer serving us. Each sound bath offers clearing of our chakras (our body’s energy filters) and directs the flow of our own healing energy into all the layers of the body.

The result is a relaxation experience that effortlessly assists us in letting go of the past, traumas, stuck energy. Our energy creates space in our body to start flowing energy fluidly and with a faster pace, thus giving you more energy and the relief of feeling more ‘yourself’.



Each experience is unique to who you are and where you are on your path in this lifetime. 

You can use sound bath frequencies to sleep, relax, journey in a meditative zone, have out-of-body experiences, hypnosis trances, astral travel etc. You can also use the experience to stay super present and mock-up/manifest your desires, ponder something that’s been on your mind, aka figure things out… it works for deep relaxation and also for processing.

Intention matters. Go into it with an idea of what you’d like to release or focus on- you’ll experience a deeper shift. Don’t get too heady about it- you can also just experiment with an open mind. I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling sluggish and need more energy, I’ll set that intention and end up bouncing off the walls with energy afterward. I can use the same sound bath recording just before sleep and pass out like a baby- so, intention matters.

The volume of sound baths isn’t important. If you’re familiar with Binaural Frequencies, you may notice that the bowls do create binaurals but instead of the electric ones that require headphones, the bowls create frequency that moves through the body in a Torus shape, so they’re natural binaurals that find their way on their own.

So it doesn’t matter if you wear headphones or use speakers… I do prefer on most days to listen to recordings on my iphone because the phone’s speaker system doesn’t ‘rattle’ as much from the vibrations. You can play bowl recordings in the background of your environment on a low volume and they’re just as effective as when you play loudly. This is because our body’s are like antennas and they match the frequencies emitted from the sounds without the need for the ears to be completely engaged. A great time to have sound healing is right before you go to sleep, it creates a smooth transition into dream land.

My favorite part? It’s effortless. And there’s no rules! You really can’t over-do it either- the body will always take what it needs. Sometimes I’ll play the same recording a few times in a row. But be sure to drink lots of water because our body uses our water molecules to release energy so you might find yourself needing extra water to maintain balance.

If you’d like to have a sound bath recording made with intention for YOU or A LOVED ONE, A PET, A FRIEND GROUP… I offer that too!

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Here's sound bath sample videos: