A Note From Libbee

I always knew I was sensing energy stronger than most people.

Hearing loved ones that had crossed over, feeling pain that others were feeling, knowing things were going to happen and then they eventually did… It wasn’t an easy journey because I felt very alone in all of it.  As a young child, I remember seeing and communicating with spirits all around us and I didn’t realize other people couldn’t see them until about age 5. I mostly kept all of this to myself when I realized that people were weirded out by what I had to share. Besides, I couldn’t explain “HOW I knew what I knew” so it puzzled me even more than it did them. Ha!

There wasn’t a frame of reference or tools on what to do with all of this, I was lost and feeling as though these sensitivities were more of a curse than they were helpful. Sometimes I’d confuse energy I was sensing as something in present-time when in actuality, it was just an imprint of energy I was reading from long ago (accidents, traumas, big events etc.)

‘Knowing things’ made me feel a bit safer in the world, but it scared me that I didn’t know anyone else that was having the same experiences. My parents had me young and thankfully they were open-minded and supportive of who I was and what I wanted to pursue (I know that’s rare- I’m lucky).


The details of my life growing up were unique on many fronts

Yes, my psychic abilities- but also that I’m a big sister to two little brothers; one of which (Cameron), was born three years after me with severe disabilities and medical issues. Doctors told us he wouldn’t live past two years old. They were wrong. Cam’s alive and thriving more than ever- at age 28. We’re told that he’s the only living survivor of his diagnosis– so, clearly he’s meant to be here as a miracle gift to this world. He’s doing really well now thanks to cannabis saving his life. His younger years were far from easy- there’s too many medical things to list but the memorable (and scary) parts for me were that Cam would often stop breathing and have seizures; it wasn’t unusual to wake up in the middle of the night to paramedics and firemen in my living room. Hospitalization, surgeries, therapy nurses at home- was our normal routine until the cannabis journey. Now Cam only goes to the doctor once a year- he’s thriving!

Being so involved with Cam’s life as a young kid created an avenue for me to grow up fast and mature beyond my age. It also kick started my healing efforts ( searching for solutions to help him).  Since Cam is non-verbal, I learned more about telepathic communication and how to use my empath(feeling) abilities to communicate on behalf of him.  It’s been an extraordinary journey together, I’m so grateful for all of it- even the trauma because without that I wouldn’t have the depth of feeling that I have today. He’s taught me many things, one of which is how to “be present in each moment and cherish it fully”.

Like a lot of sensitive people, I spent most of my life holding on to energy that I picked up from other people, places, experiences (a true sign of an empath). I didn’t know that I was capable of releasing all of that energy with my willpower.

It was a struggle in my late teens/early adulthood, I wasn’t listening to my body’s limits. I pushed myself past my breaking points and overtime, this intense stress energy I was holding on to developed into an autoimmune disorder called Lupus. That diagnosis was a gift in disguise. Lupus became my catalyst to discovering a deeper part of my healing abilities that I hadn’t tapped into. 

At my lowest point, I wanted to give up. I could barely hold a fork, I couldn’t think clearly and I couldn’t go anywhere without someone’s assistance. Nothing seemed enjoyable anymore, not even my favorite things… and mainstream medicine offered no solutions. One morning, I woke up with a strong inner guidance to practice different patterns of breathing. In just that one attempt I discovered immediate relief. On youtube I found binaural healing frequencies and began listening to them all day-everyday for a good week. By the end of that week, I started getting some strength back physically, mentally and emotionally.

This routine became my healing ritual and then one day I noticed that when I was breathing and listening to these frequencies, I could ‘see’ memories flash by my minds eye like a movie playing and I began to note that most of these memories were deciphered by my body as a type of trauma.

That’s when my journey into self-healing launched forward. I was truly committed to whatever it took to heal myself.

I began feeling into different areas in my body and training myself to not be afraid of what I was feeling (no resistance) in order to reconnect with my own power. Complete acceptance, allowance and integration was key. I had to recognize that I was not needing to identify with my emotions, they simply wanted to pass through me.  I meditated, stretched my body, listened to healing frequency music & attended training on hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming which tapped into my deeper subconscious self. I changed my diet to reflect the heightened intuition I was honoring and found myself gravitating towards an all organic, mostly live/ raw foods with occasional fish routine.

Within 3 months, I was able to heal myself so much that my blood tests came back normal, my organs returned to healthy levels and lupus was officially dormant. Most importantly, I was happy-genuinely excited about life & for the first time, feeling powerful from all of my sensitivities. 

In my journey, I needed Lupus to knock me on my butt so I would FINALLY do the healing on myself that I needed to.

After seeking ‘formal psychic’ training and hypnosis certifications in my adulthood, I grabbed every type of energy healing/psychic mediumship/shamanism education I could get my hands on. I read hundreds of books seeking answers and comparing different perspectives. I studied religions and history and got deep into metaphysical sciences since they all seemed to link together. I finally realized I was meant to simplify it all and teach these tools to others. First I had to do the healing work on myself and clear my energy field in such a way that allows for higher information to effortlessly flow through me. The release allows for a deeper level of neutrality within me in order to be a clear ‘channel’.

Learning in a formal way at some of the psychic schools I attended, really solidified my perspective that we all have unique ways of reading energy and deciphering information. We all have healing abilities beyond what the mind is even capable of perceiving. The hardest part is releasing the subconscious programming & the disbelief. In order to allow yourself to fluidly rise into your own power, you have to start the process of healing what’s energetically limiting you. It’s an ongoing process and that’s mostly what I do now, heal myself and guide people to their own empowerment and healing in various ways. 

The real truth is: Everyone has psychic abilities. Some of us just come into this world with those energy centers turned up really high so we are more aware of it all, but that doesn’t mean that all of us aren’t meant to connect in some form -uniquely your own).

My journey taught me that you’re always given what you need to learn & of course I’m always learning more- the learning doesn’t stop.
What DID stop, was the denial, suppression, the fear of beeing myself.

My hope is that EVERYONE arrives at that same level of self-acceptance in their life.


This is how we thrive. Empowered. Embodied Love. Uniquely Special and Equally Important.


We all have important roles to play by simply being our true selves.

The world needs you! You’re meant to experience life totally free to BEEYOU 🙂

Are you feeling that yet? It’s never to too late to start…