Queen Bee

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The Queen Bee symbolizes the divine feminine aspect in all of us.

She is a leader, a teacher, a mother, a sister, a creator and a warrior.
She is often the sole survivor when winter arrives,
and the one to build the new hive in spring.

She understands her role and remembers she cannot thrive without her team.
She inspires us to pursue dreams with dedication, focus and cooperation.
She brings us medicinal tools, fertilizes flowers, and imagines her project before development.

She leads with graceful authority; combining tradition with creative intelligence.

She displays the success of her youthful and matriarchal blend.
She respects nature with her collection of wisdom from experiences of life.

Her ongoing development of spiritual royalty and character building inspires us to grow beyond limitations, to seek higher knowledge and above all:
LOVE deeper, fuller and wiser. Hold nothing back.


Credit >> Model: Ashley Michelle

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