Each space holds energy impressions from those who have been there before, or incidents that have occurred. These energies can affect us and our ability to heal ourselves.

  • Maybe you’re uncertain what is causing discomfort in a space, but have a gut feeling that it’s a ghost or something that took place there before.
  • Maybe you just know that when you walk into a certain area you get goosebumps, feel a presence or notice temperature changes.
  • Maybe you hear strange sounds, or see colors/movement or sudden smells.
  • Maybe you’ve seen items move, doors shut/open on their own, or perhaps you’re just frightened by a certain corner in the room.

All of these perceptions are signs that you have some energies affecting your space.In some cases, it may not even be the building that carries the energy affecting you, but instead the land itself and events that occurred there prior to the building even existing.

Paranormal activity isn’t just happening in the movies: it’s real life!

Even realtors have found that clearing the house & land energy on the property is really effective in trying to sell it on the market.

As trained psychics, it’s easier for us to clear the energy because we are in a more neutral energy space (we’ve worked through fear that blocks us from transforming energy).

In these sessions, we come equipped with tools to clear anything and everything that isn’t serving you.

PRICING: starts at $150 for a house/ space clearing

We can provide services IN -PERSON anywhere near the San Francisco Bay area, Northern CA- contact us for travel inquiries.

We can also do DISTANT HEALING sessions.

Please contact us with your details to receive an exact quote for your needs.


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