We are based out of the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.
If you live elsewhere and you’re interested in chatting with us about travelling to your area, please contact us:  BEEINGYOUTRIBE@Gmail.com.


We bring intuitive (psychic) readers to your party and
offer 15-20 minute readings for each of your guests
(PS: there’s no pressure if someone at your party is not interested, no problem!)
Each intuitive (psychic) reader has their own flavor of sensory abilities so the guest will receive the modality that best suits them;

  • Sometimes readers will use TAROT or ORACLE cards
  • Other times an AURA HEALING seems appropriate
  • Chat with SPIRIT guides or crossed over LOVED ONES
  • Look at PAST LIVES
  • Guidance on WHAT’S COMING

Guests can ask the readers questions or just let what needs to come up flow right through!
No Pressure, No Negativity- it’s ALL LOVE.
Regardless of what modality is used—-> 
we understand and respect that this is a PARTY and thus,
we’ll keep it light and fun by reading the highest vibrations in each person’s space.

It’s a memorable and exciting way to share these beautiful spiritual moments with your friends/family!

PRICING:  If you’re having an intimate get together, then each guest will receive a more thorough reading whereas if you’re having a lot of guests we can speed read and still accommodate everyone’s needs.

  • For two readers at your party, pricing starts at $150/hr (2 hour minimum).
  • For three readers at your party, pricing starts at $200/hr (2 hour minimum).

Contact us with your party details for an exact quote. We look forward to partying with you!!


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